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Guilt and Obligation: Sales Training Courses Cover the Psychology of Owing Someone

Shoppers end up making unexpected purchases based on guilt. In the world of marketing, this is known as reciprocity. When someone receives something, they feel obligated to return the favor in some fashion. Internet marketers and general sales masters like to poke and prod customer feelings of obligation. The very feeling has instilled impulse purchases in customers of all demographics. It is a staple in Sales Training Gold Coast. The courses integrate and explore psychological elements in marketing development. Guilt and obligation go a long way in landing a sale and even in developing a marketing strategy.

Touch and Buy: Free Samples Galore

The implementation of a free sample and marketing campaign dates back many years. Most people now understand that free has a subtle string attached in 99% of cases. It may be financially free right now, but there is always a catch. Marketers use reciprocity in a free sample. Free samples rarely stand alone anymore. Many companies actually add free samples of other products when they are shipping and mailing out the product purchased. At the very least, it makes the customer feel valued. That item had very little cost, and there is an obvious motivation. If the customer does not purchase the item marketed as a free sample, there is little loss.

Web Content and Free Information

Free samples in a physical form work better than Internet samples. People can actually interact with other human beings, as well as physically feel the item in their hands during a physical sample campaign. Reciprocity and obligation reach a fever pitch in grocery stores, beauty salons or, to a lesser extent, magazine inserts.

Despite this, the free sample strategy can be applied on the Internet. Content marketers create and promote riveting content for users to read or watch. There is no obvious charge. Visitors enjoy the content, and they are encouraged to make a purchase. This sample could be a review of a product or some facts to save money. They feel like they owe the company, which is what makes content marketing so effective (among the many other reasons).

Individuals that want to explore marketing psychology to a greater degree can obtain a Study Diploma of Marketing and receive authentication online. The courses take a few weeks to a few months.


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